How to Set Up a Comfortable Laptop Workspace Outdoors


Working from home is a fantastic luxury and if you’re fortunate enough to have that opportunity then you should embrace it.

And what that means is not just working out of your home. In other words, while working on the couch might seem like a very rewarding experience, it actually pales in comparison to the freedom you’d achieve by working while travelling and seeing new sights. And it also pales when compared with sitting outside and getting fresh air and sunlight. Not only is getting outside very good for your tan, it will also boost your mood, your creativity, your sleep patterns and your bone health. One a hot sunny day, you’re in the fortunate position to be able to actually enjoy the weather. So why not get outside?

The Problem With Working in the Garden

The issue for most people is that working outdoors is uncomfortable, it causes distraction and it makes it hard to concentrate. There’s bugs, there’s glare, there’s dust… and then there’s the lack of a comfortable seat.

So what can you do to avoid all these issues and still make the most of your opportunity to work outdoors? Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies you can use to bring your laptop outside and work from it comfortably…

The Right Seats

The first and most important thing you’re going to need is the right seat and desk combination that will allow you to sit comfortably while working at a computer. This is something we actually get wrong a lot of the time indoors, let alone outside. If you want to make working outdoors comfortable and productive then, look into garden furniture that you can buy specifically for this end. Make sure that the table is the right height (so that your arms are at rough right angles) and that the seat has a cushion to avoid getting a sore rear end.

Also crucial is that the <a href=””>decks</a> or tiles that you’re using will be stable surfaces so that the table doesn’t rock around when you try to type (there’s nothing more annoying!).


Also important is to think about the position of that table, which will be most effective if it’s next a wall or fence that can block some of the wind and some of the sun. While you want to get some sunlight, you don’t want it to create glare on the screen – so have your back to a wall or fence that can shield you when necessary.


There are also certain facilities you’re going to need if you’re going to make the most of working outside. These include an electrical socket for your laptop once power runs low, shelter to keep you dry if it rains and to provide extra shelter from the sun, a WiFi connection within reach so that you can get online and some music to give yourself a backing track.

Do all this then head outside with a few layers and some drinks and you’ve just created the healthiest and most relaxing office space you could possible want…

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